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Blue Boys Cricket Club is a academy for junior level cricket players. from age of 5 to 16. This academy will provide the practice sessions in week days & practice matches on weekends / holidays. We do have our own well greenish stadium where kids will grow their skills.This academy will give the directions to kids for their future paths. How they gonna be prepare their life towards is our RESPONSIBILITY. All Parents are very well welcome anytime :).
Blue Boys Cricket Academy is best cricket academy in jind. The Academy, with its state-of-the-art facilities and renowned coaches, promise to provide quality training to budding cricketersworld-over. Through our structured coaching programs, regular matches & tournaments and advisory sessions with experts.

Cricket Coaching :

Our motto is to provide best coaching to players. We always looking for what new we can teach or train to players in all possible manner. We know every player have different mind sets & catching power. So, we never stick to same coaching to everyone. Suppose if we are teaching cover drive or bowling run-up to players then we teach them, train them with basic drills to intermediate drills to advance drills. In this process suppose 2 out of 10 players are not able to adopt what we are training them then we try to teach them with different drills or we motivate them to do so. Apart from basics of coaching we make sure that every player must make their match temperament with lot of practice matches. Specific & different diet-chart according to their body & game need. We put our best to make FIT every player with lot of drills, exercise, running, stretching, gym & lot of other things. We also train player according to their game. Like who needs more strong shoulder, who need legs strong, who needs wrist strong or accordingly.

Cricket Stadium :

We are having the cricket stadium where our players used to play 3-4 matches a week & minimum 1 match outside to our stadium. We also organize cricket tournaments in our own cricket stadium. Our stadium is having facilities for audience, our stadium has more than 1000 capacity of sitting, we do have 2 pavilions for each opponent. Our stadium is full grassy with tall boundaries, we do have 2 turfs. Our stadium have 70-70-65-60 meters boundaries. Behind our stadium we do have our academy turf & cemented nets. We also have matting wickets in our stadium as well, when required.

Tournaments :

Blue Boys Cricket Academy has categorized the tournaments. Different age groups used to play different tournaments. Reason being player at different age level has to play tournament according to their needs, learning, Levels & there are other lot fact which we kept in mind. Like for junior age level player we make sure that they only play good cricket with good teams in good neat tournaments. Reason being firstly we want them to be very punctual, disciplined, technical sound & other facts. Senior age level players used to play in all type of tournaments because their age is running out and their basics & all is clear. Now they need maximize exposure. We organize tournaments in U-14, U-16, U-19 & open age level. We organize tournament in for local team, district teams, state teams respectively. We also participate in other peoples tournaments.

Blue Boys Cricket Academy